Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Depart pour la montagne Leaving for the mountain

We will be leaving for Derrumbado this afternoon around 2 p.m. Nous repartons pour la montagne cette apres midi vers 2hoo.
Blog you next weekend.
Au plaisir de vous bloguer la fin de semaine prochaine.


  1. Hi glad to see you have arrived safe and sound, it was great to see the smiles on your faces!! Have a good week. Love Sue T

  2. Hi Granny & Granda. It brought a big smile to my face when I saw a picture of you on the blog. Look after each other. I love you.

  3. Hi everyone, wish I was there. A courrier left a card on Monique's door on Monday so we think it was the medical kit. Sue will look into it. Hope the weather is fine for you to work.(Not too hot)

  4. Well hello friends. It is amazing how some things work out obviously we are just players in a bigger production. So I find myself planning my trip to Haiti and Denis I actually put together the application and sent it last week for a PTP. So this week I contact Health Partners to verify that they received my application, at the same time I notify Claire Raddatz that the RRMRR mission did not receive there PTPs on time. She had no idea. Meanwhile the courrier notice shows up at Moniques on Mon. So Reg picks it up and calls the courrier and they deliver the PTPs to him. So I now have your 2 PTPs and they will be going to Haiti with me. RRMRR mission group will remain the contributor but we will sort that out when I return. If the PTPs had to be returned to Health Partners they would have to be destroyed. So as it turns out it is lucky that I am going at least these meds will be put to good use!! Take care!! Hope you had a productive week, and that everyone is healthy!!
    Hasta Luego Sue Thib.