Saturday, February 6, 2010

Second week deuxieme semaine

The second family has four boys and one girl. The father is out picking coffee. Their clothes are very torn and ragged so we brought them a goodie bag today. La deuxieme famille, 4 garcons et une fille, sont tres pauvre, alors nous leurs avons apporte des habits etc... Le papa fait la cueillette de cafe.
The house being replaced at second site. La maison que nous remplacons au site deux.

Finishing the inside walls. Looks like our house will be ready for us to move in next week, so you guys will have room in our old shack. Notre maison sera prete pour nous la semaine prochaine, alors vous pourrez avoir notre vieux shack a votre arrive.

Almost done first house. Premiere maison presque complete.

Livraison des effets scolaires. Delivering school supplies.

Family of first house. La famille de la premiere maison.

Starting wood construction. Le bois commence a monter.

Hi every one!!! We have started the construction of a second house. Nous avons commence la construction d´une 2ieme maison.

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  1. Hello Friends,Well it appears that you are all working hard it is great to see the progress. I spoke to Greg and Marie today and they are anxiously awaiting to depart they are very excited and a little nervous. Well an opportunity presented itself and I am going to Haiti to work for 2 wks. I decided the money is just relative!! So I will depart just after your return. I will also pursue the PTP packs to see what has happened it is very unfortunate. I have filled out the application for a PTP for Haiti so I hope I do not run into dufficuties. Take care work hard have fun!! Love Sue T xxoo