Friday, February 18, 2011

17 de febrero

We have company!


Ralentissez, vous êtes au Pérou!

Jean-Jacques aide à monter la brouette de ciment.

Les locaux travaillent pendant que les Canadiens prennent des photos.

Régis trying to compete with the 12 to 16 year old boys and girls.

les jeunes aux travail - These are some of the older children that will be moving into the houses (12 to 16 years of age)

Monique enjoying the kids getting ready to haul cement.

Greg getting the respect "he" thinks he deserves!

Marie & Huguette on rebar. Renaldo cannot believe women can use power tools!

clean up and clean up some more

Rolande hard at work.

La rampe qui mène au toit - Construction of ramp

Nos cuisinières - Hard at work preparing meals

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